Points to remember:
• Powder coating is porous and is not a rust protector.
• Once a surface is contaminated it will penetrate into the porosity of the powder and cannot be recoated.
• Use a zinc primer as a rust protector or an epoxy primer as a barrier prior to powder coating.
• Soft soldered items cannot be powder coated.
• If exposed to the environment wash powder coated surface with soapy water or car washing liquid.
• To weld on a powder coated item, first grind off the coating.
• Do not use wax to cut your items.
• Do not use sticky tape to wrap.
• Powder coating cannot be applied over silicon or normal paint such as 2 pack or house paint.
• Normal paint cannot withstand the 200° baking process and therefore must be removed prior to coating.
• Powder coating is harder than most paints.
• Some colours fade more than other under sunlight.
• Colour bond colours are preferable for outside use.
• All metallic coatings use a metallic pearl essence and should be protected with a clear coat.
• Powder coating does not fix manufactured imperfections.