A good result depends largely on the quality of the pretreatment stage. Pretreatment removes  the contamination (imperfections) from the substrate in order to create a suitable surface for the application of the powder coat.

Quick Summary
Zinc seal:
Hot Tip Galv:
Galv Sheet:
Hot zinc spray:
Cleaned and etched.
Prefers to be sandblasted – Grade 2.5 in 30 micron.
As is, best kept clean at all times.
Do not quench.Do not grind when cleaning. Light chemical etch or whip blast.
Best to light sand with 120 paper.
Need to be sanded to smoothen out.

More Info
Undercoating provides improved adhesion and uniformity to a topcoat. Undercoating requires a mix of quality materials and best practice for top results. B&K Powder Coaters use especially designed powder coating undercoats to achieve these results.

Epoxy Primer:  To be used on Gal’ or Alum’ for barrier/low porosity powder.
Zinc Primer:     Rust protection on sandblasted surface.

Successful recoats are highly dependent on the quality of the substrate. We usually do not recommend this process unless the surface is new and has never been exposed to contamination. B&K are happy to review your requests and provide an honest opinion of the expected finished result.

Topcoats involves the application of a final coat, over the underlying material, as a protective sealer.
Please view our colour charts.