Powder Coating Wheels, Mags, Rims and Alloys

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Powder coated wheels look great. Especially these days with the variety of powder coat colours available. Finishes include high and low gloss, clear or metallic with textures ranging from ultra smooth to a rough or wrinkled finish.

Powder coating your rims will deliver a high quality, long lasting finish which is tough, durable, and more resistant to scratches, fading and chips than most finishes.

Before you powder coat you need to strip the wheel down which includes the tyres, values and wheel balancing weights.

After stripping, sandblasting the surface back to bare metal will remove any imperfections (old paint, light rust) and also lightly pits the surface for better bonding of the powder coat. Note- Sandblasting can also remove light gutter rash that your wheels may have.  Any deeper dings may need extra attention if required.

Once you have a bare metal rim, a suitable primer is applied. The primer used will depend on the composition of the rim e.g. steel wheels generally use zinc primer.

Finally pick a colour, any colour and top coat your wheels from a vast collection of colour finishes.

Now all you need to do is head on down the road in your slick, new rims. Looking good ….you’ll be glad you got them powder coated.

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