Powder Coat Colours – Take Your Pick

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The variety of Powder coating colours these days is extensive. Not only that, there is a vast selection of textures and effects available to produce a customised powder coated finish.

Whether you are looking for a matte, satin, high or semi gloss, pearl, metallic, hammer tone, antique, ripple or wrinkle finish BK Powder Coaters can produce the look you are after.

The powder coat we use is manufactured to give superior coverage, hiding power and a luxurious finish with the added benefit of “out-gassing tolerance” for porous surfaces and “advanced edge film-build” on sharp edges offering crucial protection for Australia’s harsh environment. The powder contains high quality pigments and resins with excellent UV stability ensuring a superior result is produced every time.

In addition we use quality primers as part of the coating process to maximise the life span of the coated finish.

Powder coatings can be applied to a wide range of materials including aluminium, structural steel, wrought and cast iron, zinc coated steel, other ferrous and non ferrous substrates. Powder coated surfaces offer a tough, durable, scratch and abrasion resistant finish with chemical resistant properties that exceed that of other finishes such as paint.

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