Powder Coating or Plastic Coating with Plascoat

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Whereas powder coating offers a durable finish made from a polymer resin powder that has been cured, Plascoat is a thermoplastic PVC coating for specialised applications where extra surface finishing qualities are required. Plascoat qualities include:

-  Highly chemical resistant;
-  Extreme corrosion resistance;
-  Excellent insulation properties;
-  Highly resistant to UV, heat, salt, sea & airborne pollutants;
-  Cold and ice resistance. Protects metal down to – 70ºC
-  Very high electrical resistance properties;
-  Impact resistant;
-  Non porous;

Plastic coatings are generally designed for tough environments such as mining, shipping, marinas, oil rigs, sub-sea structures, pipelines, desert and arctic conditions. But wait, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for everyday applications where you want some extra protection with an attractive, colour-stable finish that, lasts for decades. Plascoat can be used on:

-  Domestic white goods (Food and water contact approvals)
-  Outdoor furniture;
-  Metal fencing situated close to the ocean;
-  Water tanks;
-  Extractor fans;
……Even dishwasher baskets.

So, if you need some extra protection for your metal surface or just want a unique, pleasant to the touch finish that offers great wear and tear qualities then you may consider using Plascoat plastic coatings.

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