Sydney’s Northern Beaches – Powder Coating vs Corrosion

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Do you live near the beach on Sydney’s Northern beaches in Manly, Warringah or Pittwater or perhaps next to the harbour on the lower north shore in Neutral Bay, Cremorne and Mosman? If you do, then you may have noticed that metal surfaces corrode and rust much faster, when you live close to salt water.

The obvious solution is to protect these metal surfaces with a finish that will prolong their life, dramatically slowing down the rusting process and minimising the salt airs corrosive qualities.

Well, obviously powder coating can do that but it is important to realise that the metal object that lives by the sea needs extra attention, during the powder coating process, to ensure its longevity.

This is where the 5 P’s ring true – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Firstly, the metal surface must be prepared with care. Pretreatment removes any minor contamination (such as existing rust particles) from the metal surface.  By establishing a good base, future poor performance is prevented.

Next and the most important step is to apply an appropriate membrane between the metal surface and the final powder coat (top coat). This undercoat is dependent on the type of metal being coated and is crucial in separating the metal from the moisture that may enter through the porous powder coated surface.

Finally, an appropriate powder coat top coat needs to be applied. Choose one that is suitable for outside use and incorporates high UV resistance, especially if you live directly across from the reflective glare of water.

In addition, living within approximately 100 meters of the water you may require multiple coats to be applied as an additional barrier in preventing salt spray attack.

A little light maintenance can help powder coated window frames, railings or gates last longer. Occasionally give them a gentle wipe down with soapy water or water that contains a dash of car washing liquid.

So, if you live near salty water remember the powder coater you choose needs to keep this in mind when powder coating. If you would like to give us a call please contact us now.