Powder Coating – What can be Powder Coated?

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You may be surprised what can be powder coated. Below are some of the endless possibilities to which you can apply this wonderful, high quality, long lasting and durable finish.

Security Gates, Doors, Grilles, Rails, Balustrades

Powder coating external protective fittings makes sense since they need a hard wearing finish to cope with the demands of being outside.

Steel, Aluminium Extrusion and Fabrication

Customising steel or aluminium fabrications and extrusions with a powder coated finish will complete and protect the raw metal for many years… Frames, Grates, Crates, Plates, Stands, brackets, nuts and bolts all can be powder coated.

Wrought and Cast Iron

In the old days wrought and cast iron were a lot more common than they are today. Old gates, fences, bed posts, ornamental items or garden furniture can be transported into the 21st century with a new powder coated finish.

Metal Fencing

Powder coating metal fences gives them a tough external coating. Pool fencing, boundary/ perimeter fencing or even agricultural and industrial fencing will last longer and look much better when they are powder coated.

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Indoor, Outdoor or Office Furniture

You can breathe some life back into your old chairs, desks and filing cabinets by selecting from a large range of powder coating colours to suit your modern décor.

Retail Shop Fittings & Office Fit Outs –Displays, Shelving, Racks & Fixtures

Fit outs for new retail outlets and office space contain many items that businesses have powder coated. Fixtures and fittings, office partitioning, lighting, display cabinets, display shelves, filing cabinets, desks, bookcases and chairs to name just a few.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Frames for exhibition stands, exhibition seating, counters, plinths, cabinets, product and display stands.

Signs and Lighting

One of the best options for a protective finish on external commercial signage and lighting is to powder coat them. There are a vast array of colours and decorative finishes that offer a tough, UV resistant coating that looks good and is long lasting.    .

Window Frames, Louvers & Shutters

Powder coating really is the perfect finish for window frames which are constantly exposed to the elements.  Matching your louvers and shutters in the same finish will guarantee that your windows are protected while looking new for many years to come.

Car, Bicycle, Motorcycle: Frames, Wheels and Parts

Many automotive and bike enthusiasts use powder coating on their wheels, parts and frames to gain hard wearing finishes to cope with the demands placed on their machines by the open road.

BK Powder Coaters have 20 years experience in powder coating all types of metals in all types of finishes. We know what we’re doing and we charge a very reasonable price for our service.

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