Powder Coating

Powder coating produces a durable hard wearing finish that is tougher than conventional paint. A metal object is negatively charged then sprayed with a positive charged polyester powder. Each coat is approximately 80 microns thick. Finally the coated item is baked at 200C to produce the finished product.

Powder coating is an ideal and easy to apply, environmentally friendly process, where no solvent is used. It has a long lasting polyester based paint structure with many preselected colours to choose from.

B&K Powder Coaters, located in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, have been in the powder coating business since 1988.

B&K Powder Coaters is well known as the place for good quality, all-round, reasonably priced and fast turnaround powder coating. From a complete staircase to a sewing machine, car chassis, gutter brackets or driveway gate we will give most things a go.

 Why go to BK Powder Coaters? Equipment

20 years experience;
> Fast efficient turnaround time;
> Producing quality results with finesse;
> Items up to 500 Kg per piece.
Our batch oven size is:
2250 high, 1500 wide, 4100 long (standard)
or 5200 long (by appointment)
Conveyor Line – can take items up to 1000 mm high

We look forward to assisting you with your powder coating needs.
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